Participate in
Bright Walls

We’re looking for artists to join in on the action, organizations to host workshops, and volunteers to bring the festival to life. If you’re interested, please see all of the opportunities below.



The Bright Walls Team is in need of volunteers to help organize and manage the day to day operations of the mural festival.

Helping artists with supplies, assisting the community with their questions, working with our workshops and directing our food vendors where to go.

You will be an honorary member of the Bright Walls team and receive a limited edition Bright Walls volunteer shirt for all of your help.

downtown_mess around.jpg

Downtown Businesses Signup

On Friday, September 6th, downtown businesses are invited to participate in Bright Walls' Downtown Mess Around. We encourage you to offer Bright Walls promotions that also promote your business.


Organizations, join the family art fair!

We’re looking for creative organizations of all kinds to host fun workshops and events for families and children of all ages. On Sunday, Sept. 8. The Family Art Fair is free and open to the public 11am-3pm.

Organizations and businesses that wish to participate are asked to have some sort of interactive activity at your booth to engage the community. You can can choose your activity. If you’re interested, please sign up below

Chalk Contest-02.png

Sign Up for our Sidewalk Chalk Contest!

Hosted by the Jackson School of the Arts, the contest is free and anyone can join! We have 25 spots available for this event, which takes place on Sunday, September 8 from 11am to 3pm.

Each artist will receive an area on the ground and must complete the piece between 11am and 3pm to be considered for one of the prizes. Winners of the contest will be announced during the intermission of the Capital City Brass Band Concert that afternoon. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO WIN!