Meet the Team

It takes many different talents to plan a festival and we're up for the challenge. Our team members have backgrounds in art, event planning, budgeting, fundraising, volunteer management, government relations, community engagement, project management, graphic design, and more.

Clay McAndrews.jpg

Clay McAndrews

Consumers Energy

Bright Walls Team_Jacque Austin.jpg

Jacque Austin

Think Jackson LLC


Jeremiah Britton


Bright Walls Team_Leslie Youngdahl.jpg

Leslie Youngdahl

Consumers Energy

Bright Walls Team_Sean Palmer.jpg

Sean Palmer

County National Bank

Bright Walls Team_Kaiti McDonough.jpg

Kaiti McDonough

City of Jackson

Bright Walls Team_Ashley Esselink.jpg

Ashley Esselink

Consumers Energy

Bright Walls Team_Greg Stevenson.jpg

Greg Stevenson

Consumers Energy

Bright Walls Team_Jena Smoyer.jpg

Jena Smoyer

Ella Sharp Museum

Bright Walls Team_Stephanie Schiro.jpg

Stephanie Schiro

United Way

Bright Walls Team_Karen Bunnel.jpg

Karen Bunnell

Barker Weber Insurance

Bright Walls Team_Chelsea Dodge.jpg

Chelsea Dodge

Consumers Energy